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Dano Ličen lives in a world of imagination, insatiable curiosity and an honest love for diversity. He is interested in everything that radiates beauty and thus expresses its love to art. He touches a person with sensitivity and insight. Through his voice, stories and paintings he reveals the paths towards the unconscious and leads the individual towards him/herself. Being aware of the depths of the unconscious, searching for the paths to unconditional love, the pursuit of the ultimate good and personal charisma are his tools with which he caresses human hearts.



Part 3: The structure of focus as the insight’s foundation

Part 3: The structure of focus as the insight’s foundation

In her speech My stroke of insight, the neurophysiologist Jill Bolte Taylor funnily describes her sudden insight into Oneness. The suddenness of her insight is due to the sudden stroke. It is given to some to realize Oneness due to an extreme situation, however, the sudden insight of the most of us is based on the structure of focus, which is a matter of the gradual process of developing our ability to focus, and if we are talking about the ability to focus, the method of meditation for me personally represents the most effective training of it. The essence of...



Consulting is based on the karmic diagnostics method and the findings I gather through creativity.

The possibilities of the use of the karmic diagnostics method are limitless. They are mostly realised in the form of individual consulting, the method can also be used in the field of company management consulting, energy cleansing of houses and other spaces, animal healing, help with crime investigation etc.

I perform the consulting based on the method of karmic diagnostics on the basis of my diploma from the Biotherapy School.


Dano Ličen respects official medicine and does not in any way discourage anyone from using official medical treatment. His services are used at one’s own risk.


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