A Short Curriculum Vitae

In the third grade of primary school I enrolled in the Nova Gorica Music school, where I studied the alto saxophone. Later I joined the Gorica wind orchestra and the NOVA Big band.

Throughout high school and university I mostly focused my potential towards art. In 2010 I enrolled in the ‘Jazz singing’ programme at the Ljubljana Music and ballet conservatory where I was taught by two renowned jazz singers Kristina Oberžan and Nanča Muck.

I founded a jazz trio which quickly grew into a quintet, I performed as a guest singer with the NOVA big band, I attended certain competitions and in 2011 won my first award; at the ‘First voice of Primorska’ I received the people’s choice award for my performance of the song Route 66.

As a member of the Nova jazz quintet (the quintet I founded) I attended a jazz group competition founded by the ‘Boben in Lajna’ society in 2012. There I received 99 points out of a possible 100 for my solo performance and as a reward got to perform with the RTV Slovenija Big band. Our group was also commended at the festival and we decided it was time to write some original music of our own. I started writing compositions which we arranged and our debut album ‘Flow of inertia’ was released in 2013. It was very well received and was sold out.

In Ljubljana I lived in a house with art studios and its private gallery. The owner of the house was the renowned painter Dime Temkov to whom I presented my first paintings and he became my mentor. In January 2014 I had my first exhibition.

In the autumn of 2013 I was accepted into a short story creative writing workshop led by Andrej Blatnik. The reviews I got at the workshop helped me improve my writing and in June 2014 I received first prize at the Urne zgodbe literary competition organised by the Trubarjeva hiša literature and LUD Literatura. In March 2015 I came in second at the largest Slovenian prose competition ‘Prozni mnogoboji’ with a short story Ženski Slash. In February 2016 I placed fourth at the ‘Prozni mnogoboji’ after reaching the finals for the second consecutive time.

In my way I was always accompanied by the wise words of my mentor Neli Rep. In 2010 she introduced me to the method of karmic diagnostics, the method of the analysis and awareness of the causes of our problems. In 2014 I enrolled into biotherapy school (training based on karmic diagnostics and other methods) led by Neli. I successfully finished my studies in May 2016.

From January 2014 to May 2018 I worked as an organizer for the professional big band GveriLLaz.