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Protection of personal data policy (short)


Your personal and contact data that you entrusted us with at danolicen.si through any of the offered ways of collecting this data will never be abused.


  • Your personal and contact data will not be disclosed to a third party (except when required by law).
  • Electronic messages for which you did not apply with your electronic contact will not be sent to you.
  • You always have the possibility to simply unsubscribe from receiving notifications via e-mail. If you no longer wish to receive notifications via e-mail, reply to the received message with the word ‘Unsubscribe’.


Protection of personal data policy (explained)


The personal data protection policy statement and the Personal data protection act


The administrator of this website is bound to take the utmost care while preserving and processing personal data and caring for the client’s privacy. He is also bound not to disclose any information without your consent to third parties except in legally specified cases.

The website will not collect any type of information from your computer without your knowledge. This means that the administrator of the website collects only data which you provide voluntarily and does not know your identity or any other information you yourself do not provide.


Collecting and processing information


Personal data is your identification data: electronic address.

It is considered that a visitor who sent an electronic message through the internet form issued a voluntary statement of the will to accept and agree with the terms and conditions of the website and to agree to the use and processing of the forwarded personal data, in accordance with the law.

The administrator of the website saves your personal data only in the case when you provide this data at the dedicated spot on the website, where it is clearly visible that with the providing of this data you allow this data to be saved for the purposes of personal data use. This is defined by the section ‘Use and disclosure of personal data’ in the terms and conditions published at danolicen.si.


Use and disclosure of personal data


The administrator of the website will use your personal data for electronic notifications on new information published on the danolicen.si website or for the purpose of communication with you in connection with the products or services you ordered.

The administrator of the website is bound not to ever disclose your personal data to a third party (except when required by law) except in the case when you specifically allow this or you are specifically informed of this when logging in.


Monitoring statistics


Whenever you access the danolicen.si website, impersonal general data on the website statistics is being monitored. This is for the purpose of gathering statistical information on the attractiveness and usefulness of the website and is used as a guideline for improvement of the website. This data is impersonal, it is not subject to further analysis and is not disclosed to third parties.




The danolicen.si website uses cookie technology.

Cookies are small text files saved onto user devices used to access the internet by most websites with the purpose of the recognition of individual devices used. Their saving is completely controlled by the browser utilised by the user – this can be limited or disabled. Cookies do not gather any impersonal data or information about your device. If you do not want to receive cookies you can change your browser settings – this could have an effect on the performance of certain features on the danolicen.si website.




The administrator of the website will always ensure the safety of your personal data.




Minors are not supposed to provide the danolicen.si website with any type of personal data. As the administrator cannot check this data he recommends parents or guardians to inform minors on the subject of internet use and inform them that any use of personal data on the internet is not recommended.


Links to other pages


The statement regarding the protection of personal data pertains the danolicen.si website.

The statement regarding the protection of personal data does not apply to pages with links from the danolicen.si website if these links lead to independent websites.


The right to contact


Every visitor of the danolicen.si website has a possibility at any given moment to contact the website administrator at the contact information provided below.

Dano Ličen
Tominčeva 8
5250 Solkan

tel.: +386 (0)40 464 790
e-mail: svetovanjedano@gmail.com


Notifications of potential changes


Potential changes to the protection of personal data policy will be published and visible on the danolicen.si website.

Last update: May 21st, 2018