Foto: Viktor Nikolaienko,

Part 2: Oneness (Inhale AND Exhale)

The Archetype is the Grandthought »I am«, and if we look upon it as a mathematical plane, man and woman become perpendicular axes of the coordinate system.

The all-embracing information of the Grandthought »I am« surpasses duality, which means, that (on the microscopic level) Oneness is man and woman simultaneously.

The simultaneousness of Oneness is most easily understood via the usage of the coordinate system: the simultaneousness is most obvious in the Point (0,0) or the Origin of the coordinate system.

The origin of the human existence is Inhale AND Exhale, because to separate them means to die. Focusing on this point is a training and a gradual initiation into all-embracing information, that surpasses duality, simultaneously. Inhale AND Exhale is Here AND Now.